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Jonny grew on the east-coast of England. From being a child, all he's ever been interested in is music and the arts. When he turned ten years old, his father taught him ten chords on an old nylon-string guitar and he hasn't stopped composing since. Eventually he acquired an 8-track and started recording in his bedroom. 


He made a CD and took in to London. After waiting outside the BBC Radio 1 building for a day or two, Zane Lowe arrived and enthusiastically took a copy and listened to it, later playing it on his show. Jonny then played all over the UK either in bands or solo. However, it was always composition, particularly instrumental composition, that was, and remains, his passion. 


He has composed/produced music for several theatre productions, from The Crucible to original comedies, as well as several films, computer games, trailers and web series'. He writes in many styles, from electronic to classical, folk to blues, rock to country. 

In 2020 he released his debut album 'Cronian' on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and in various record shops. The album is a soundtrack to the Cassini-Hugens mission to Saturn and its moons.

Jonny studied History of Art at Leeds University and currently resides in Lincoln, UK, where he works as a full time musician and composer.